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Boat Oxidation Removal Lake Lanier


Boat Oxidation Removal Lake Lanier

If you're here, your boat has probably lost it's shine and looks dull, so you probably already know what oxidation is.


Oxidation is the chalky, porous appearance that is the result of unprotected and/or neglected gelcoat or paint. This process is mainly caused by damage from UV rays which slowly breaks down unprotected gelcoat and other surfaces causing your boat to look dull and loose it's shine.


Oxidation removal on Lake Lanier starts at $20-$40 per linear foot, depending on number of steps needed, based on severity, to remove oxidation from gelcoat and body style of boat. 


Whether your planning a big weekend on the lake or just needing a regular boat cleaning, Marine Concepts is here all your Lake Lanier boat detailing needs. We service the entire area around Lake Lanier including: Cumming, Gainesville, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, and more. We have detailed all types of boats from jet skis to houseboats. We also offer mobile detailing services, coming out to your dock or house to take care of your boat on the spot. Whether its a quick maintenance wash or a full paint oxidation removal, we got you covered.








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