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Complete Boat Detailing Lake Lanier

* Interior thoroughly cleaned with detergent to remove any wax or dirt.

* Seat vinyl and surrounding vinyl will be thoroughly cleaned with Starbrite Vinyl cleaner., including edges and behind seats. * * We then coat with 303 Aerospace Protectant.

* Canvas tops will be cleaned to the best of our ability with a detergent and then coated with Aerospace 303 fabric guard, which will condition and seal the fabric.

* Stainless Steel (SS)/Aluminum surfaces will be hand polished with 3M Aluminum Cleaner and then sealed with Jescar Powerlock.

* All compartments will be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed.

* Hard glass surfaces will be polished to remove hazing and water spots and then polished and sealed with Jescar Powerlock. This will seal glass and prevent water spots.

* SeaDeck will be thoroughly cleaned with a 1600 psi pressure washer and detergent. (We have full confidence in the procedure and complete it daily without any damage to surface.)

* Non- Skid areas will be cleaned with Starbrite hull cleaner with a heavy bristle brush. We then coat with Woody Wax for a long lasting seal to these areas.

* Interior gelcoat will be coated with Jescar Powerlock following removal of any residue or scuff marks that may exist.

* Rubber will be thoroughly cleaned and conditioned.

* Gelcoat will be sealed using a Flex 3401 Vrg FR buffer with a microfiber pad. We will use Jescar Powerlock polymer sealant or a wax of customers choice. 

This is our "Topside Gold" boat detailing package that is $25.00 per linear foot. Other options are available on our pricing page.


We also offer fiberglass repair and gelcoat restoration and repair.

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